Who are we?


Meet the team behind all this

Today, the Linguish team gathers amazingly creative linguists and expert ESL teachers who design, create and use innovative resources daily.

What makes us proud

1- CONTENT VARIETY: With about 600 lesson plans ready to use (and many more coming) we’re sure there’s something for you in our method.

2- TIME SAVER: Cut down on prep time and research significantly with our ready to go ESL lesson plan. And the more plans you use, the faster they are to assimilate.

3- RESULTS: Our students can actively speak English, because they do so in the classroom, thanks to multiple teaching techniques we based our method on.

4- AUDIENCE: We train 9000 students in more than 60 schools every year

How it all started

Our bilingual founder, Guillaume Devred-Smith was a pioneer in offering English classes for children from the age of three 30 years ago in France. As a teacher, he managed to transmit the language naturally to French speaking students, just the way they were learning their mother tongue. As time went by, he developed the concept by creating several language schools around France, then in Latin America where his trilingual daughter Tiffany Devred Smith decided to expand the concept.